The Cruel Intentions – Venomous Anonymous (Official Video)

The Cruel Intentions – Venomous Anonymous (Official Video)

Venomous Anonymous is the title track of The Cruel Intentions second album!

It is a heavy yet melodic track about the sweetest of bad choices filled to the brim with heavy guitar riffs and an almost melancholic melody.

Because when push comes to show, we love our bad sides almost as much as we treasure our best!

This is the perfect last introduction to an album filled by fun loving, but also restless and cynical songs.

Video edited and directed by Max Ljungberg

Listen to the whole album here:


I shouldn’t play with chemistry
a bad mix without a remedy

you stir it up, I shake the cup
another mistake we’re bound to make

I’m caving in
Need a shot of adrenaline

There’s a party inside tonight
nanana na na na nanana na na na
There’s a party inside my mind
Venomous Anonymous

A wild romance with tragedy
I’m losing grip of my insanity

quarantine won’t do a thing
it’s way to late, I’m toxic waste

I’m caving in
I’m in need of a remedy