My Spider-Man Climbing Wall Actually Works!

My Spider-Man Climbing Wall Actually Works!
My Spider-Man Climbing Wall Actually Works!

I’m stuck in bed. Let’s turn that into helping children with illnesses: Donate here

I’m Building the First YouTuber Theme Park from Bed and the Spider-man Climbing Walls are built but how can I test them when I’m stuck in bed recovering from back surgery? Well, I can’t, but my friend Daniel Gizmo can! I’m worried that the Spiderman suction cups won’t hold him. Also, today I’m getting the biopsy results from the tumor that was removed during spine surgery.

It’s week 2 of recovering from my spine surgery and I’m still stuck in bed. But I’m not just lying around, With the help of my wife, Vy Qwaint, I’m building the world’s first YouTuber theme park, right here in Las Vegas, NV. It’s going to be a super fun indoor family entertainment center with all kinds of cool stuff to do, like trampoline parks, video game arcades, zip lines, ropes courses, ninja warrior training courses, escape rooms, axe throwing, free roam Virtual Reality VR, retro barcades, climbing walls, restaurants, and even birthday party rooms.

But we’re not just doing this for fun, we’re also raising money for children with critical illnesses through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Every dollar helps, so if you’re feeling generous and want to help us grant the wishes of these amazing kids, just click the donate button on this screen. Every little bit counts and we really appreciate your support!

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