Live and Let Spy [SFM]

Live and Let Spy [SFM]
Live and Let Spy [SFM]

As things go wrong and the BLU team’s diabolical plan is revealed, will RED have what it takes to survive?

Of course they will, BLU sucks.

The long anticipated third episode of the Fedora Chronicles, sequel to The Bolted Behemoth, has finally arrived! Here’s some random trivia:

– This is one of the longest TF2 SFMs on YouTube
– I started working on it at the beginning of October, 2014
– I finished working on it on the 28th of March, 2015
– Yes, that’s 6 months!
– It took about 150 hours spread over 2 weeks to render (rendered in 8 separate ‘scenes’)
– The video’s full of hidden references and little gags too, so keep and eye out!
– In the epilogue, I made Gray Mann’s base entirely out of SFM props on a blank map

A super big thank you to Unrellius, who created every single custom texture in this video, as well as providing heaps of critique, ideas, and helpful opinion. Here’s an awesome poster he made:

Community Assets used:

Pooling Blood:
Rivalry Rush Content Pack:
Mann Co. Supply Crate:
Miss Pauling:
Blood Decals:

Dispenser Screen:

Enhanced Ambassador:
Enhanced Pistol:

Gray Mann:
Olivia Mann:
Vintage Phone:
Enhanced Ammobox: