Ripple to Lose | David Schwartz NFT Collection

Ripple to Lose | David Schwartz NFT Collection

VanEck fund manager Matthew Sigel predicts that Ripple will lose v the SEC. He states the results from the LBRY case sets a bad precedent that will be tough to overcome. A loss by Ripple would be bad for the whole crypto space.

David Schwartz, architect of the XRPL ecosystem, has released his first NFT collection. The first set of NFTs released will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain and sold on opensea. The current floor is set at .25 Eth. He has plans to release the remaining NFT art on XRPL. Some investors are complaining that David would use Eth.

Today was the deadline for the SEC to file its motion in the LBRY case. Library Inc has offered to dissolve their company and donate or burn any remaining coins. They have been unable to come to an acceptable resolution and now we need the judge to step in and assist the parties wrap up this process.

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