NFT Weekly News Recap 7/22/2022

NFT Weekly News Recap 7/22/2022
NFT Weekly News Recap 7/22/2022

NFT News this week, The Nifty alpha team break down crypto, NFT, and what is going on in the NFT and Crypto Markets. Minecraft, Mojang, and NFT Worlds update as Minecraft won’t allow any blockchain Mods on Minecraft. 3AC NFT portfolio news recap, their liquidation resulted in billions of dollars lost. BAYC discusses the future of their NFT Metaverse, Draftkings teases a collab with Gutter Rats, Time magazine may turn subscriptions into NFTs? Lastly the Ethereum Crypto merge and the entire crews opinions.

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0:00 Intro
1:12 Bitcoin
8:57 NFT Worlds
17:58 3AC NFT Portfolio
21:16 BAYC Otherside
31:52 Zeneca
36:06 Gutter Cats
39:49 Time Magazine
54:55 Conclusion

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