How to make NFT's in 8 minutes! (Easy Method)

How to make NFT's in 8 minutes! (Easy Method)
How to make NFT's in 8 minutes! (Easy Method)

Learn what NFTs are and how to make them in less than 8 minutes!
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A couple of months back I’ve heard about NFT’s and I was absolutely stunned by the thought that people make insane money with little digital artworks.

The short form NFT stands for Non-fungible token.
Alright nice but what does that actually mean.
„Non fungible“ basically means that it’s a unique piece of data, that can’t be replaced by something else. You can compare it to a one of a kind trading card. And the more rare a collection is, they more expensive those NFTs can get. Imagine you’d be the only one having a PSA 10 first edition Charizard.

Ok so now that we know what they are, how are they actually made?
As always there are lots of different ways to make an NFT but today I’ll show you step by step how to make your first NFT Collection in Photoshop and where to find great assets if you don’t really know how to draw or make illustrations yourself.

00:00 – 00:07 Intro
00:08 – 00:25 First touch
00:26 – 02:24 What are NFTs
02:25 – 03:00 Structure of NFTs
03:01 – 06:55 How to make NFTs
06:57 – 07:44 Turn PNG into Vector
07:45 – 08:10 Win 1 Etherium

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