How to Create an Entire NFT Art Collection

How to Create an Entire NFT Art Collection
How to Create an Entire NFT Art Collection

In this video, I will show you how to create 10.000 NFTs unique NFTS
You may have seen the headlines of kids making millions of dollars overnight by selling digital art in the form of NFTs

If you want to know how to generate NFTs with AI

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The entire process is very simple:
Step 1 will be to create the layer for our nfts that will make up the final image
Step 2 we are going to install the tools that we require to run this: visual studio code and nodejs
Step 3 we are going to generate1000 of images and Jason files randomly by compiling all of our layers
Step 4 we are going to upload our NFTs TO A MARKETPLACE or sell them via our own website

00:00 Introduction
01:23 Step 1 Create the layers
05:18 Step 2 Install Requirments
07:19 Step 3 Generate 1000s of images
15:16 Step 4 Upload NFT’s to marketplace

Watch this to build a minting website:
Watch this to upload your files with automation to opensea

If you get stuck at any point in this process we have an awesome discord community where you can share your screenshots of errors and also your collections, I want to see your collections so share them plz!!!!!!

👉Download the files

👉Install Visual Studio

👉Install Node

node –version

👉Download Hashlips into a folder
git clone
npm install
node index.js ➡️Book a strategic meeting and get help on your project: