5 Apps to make NFT's (Easy To Use)

5 Apps to make NFT's (Easy To Use)
5 Apps to make NFT's (Easy To Use)

These are some of my favorite Apps to create NFT’s on your phone!
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Apps and Programs Shown:
NFT Creatpr:
NFT Creator Opensea:
NFT Art:

Do you want to create your next NFT where ever you are and when ever you want only using your phone!

One of the most asked questions under my last Videos was, if there are any other ways to create NFTs if you don’t have Photoshop, illustrator or blender.
And of course there are many ways to create NFTs because pretty much anything can be an NFT. Even if you just take a photo with your phone. If you upload this photo on a blockchain you basically have an NFT. But of course you want to create something more special. That’s why I‘ve checked out some apps and programs for your phone or tablet, so you can start creating today.

So if you have an idea, a vision and a project that has great art, or even better a great use attached to the NFT, just go onto any app or program and create something you love and you think that people will love. Especially now that the NFT market is so incredibly flooded with 99,9% of all the NFT Projects being completely useless. It’s important to think a bit further and either take the moment and capitalize your artistic talent and show the world your drawings, graphics, songs, videos or what ever, or you come up with something that solves a problem, or create something that will be amazing in the meta verse in a couple of years.

Now is the time to come up with the ideas that will carve the future. Sounds cheesy I know but never was it more possible to come up with something that millions, if not billions of people around the planet could use. It’s never been easier to make money from anywhere in the world and to do what ever you want!

00:00 – 00:33 Intro
00:34 – 00:43 The best creation!
00:44 – 01:07 NFT Apps
01:08 – 01:34 NFT Art
01:35 – 02:07 NFT Art Creator
02:08 – 03:08 Procreate
03:09 – 03:38 NFT Creator Opensea
03:39 – 04:41 The most important App
04:42 – 04:53 Learn more
04:54 – 05:08 Win 1 Etherium

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