$170,000 Digital Artwork SOLD?! NFT Crypto Art, Collectables, and Games

0,000 Digital Artwork SOLD?! NFT Crypto Art, Collectables, and Games

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This video covers the still somewhat new and extremely interesting world of NFTs. NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” which basically means that the digital items cannot be copied or duplicated in any way within the blockchain network where they live. This allows digital art to become “unique” and “scarce” in a way that it wasn’t able to be in the past.

I’ll cover 3 primary areas in this video where this technology is utilized. SuperRare is a place to buy fine art NFTs, AtomicAssets has collectable cards, and Splinterlands is a game that utilizes NFTs for the cards you play the game with. This technology could potentially be a game-changer for digital creators, and for that reason, I’m very excited to see how it progresses in the future!

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Intro – 0:00
SuperRare NFT Marketplace: 1:47
$170,000 NFT Sale: 8:04
AtomicAssets: 9:15
Splinterlands: 14:16
Conclusion and $350,000 Pokemon Card: 16:06

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