The Oculus Quest 2 has PEAKED

The Oculus Quest 2 has PEAKED
The Oculus Quest 2 has PEAKED

Here is my ULTIMATE Oculus/ Meta Quest 2 Guide for 2022 and 2023.
Lots of new VR headsets are coming out and now the most popular VR headset of all time is about to have some very real competition from companies like Pico and Sony. Here is how you can increase your comfort, field of view, and also increase your enjoyment while in VR to hopefully spend more time IN VR as well!

Here are the links to everything in this video, some are cheap, some are a little more expensive, but any of them will make you have a better time.
Some of these are also Affiliate links that help support the channel!
Quest 2:

Knoxlab (recommended):
Bobo M2 Pro

Kiwi headstrap

Bobo M2 Plus:
Bobo M2 Pro (Battery headstrap):
Kiwi Headstrap:
Deluxe Audio Strap Quest Conversion Kit:
Deluxe Audio Strap:

Controller grips:
Kiwi Knuckles (Top Version)

Kiwi Quest 2 Grips:
Kiwi Quest 2 Index Grips:

Facial Interface:
VRCOVER (recommended) :

Link Cables:

Link Cable Official:
Link Cable Cheaper (just as good):

VR Ears:

Bluetooth Transmitter:

VR Ears Rebuff Reality:
Kiwi Quest 2 Earphones:
Logitech Gpro Headphones:
HD600 Headphones (expensive, but my fav):

Wifi6 Routers:
TP Link:

My links:

My discord:

Patreon link: