IA Crypto News Live – chilling during this crazy market! BTC ETH ADA $COIN BNB VET $MSTR $TSLA

IA Crypto News Live – chilling during this crazy market! BTC ETH ADA $COIN BNB VET $MSTR $TSLA

#Bitcoin #Ethereum #Cardano #Coinbase #Tesla #Microstrategy
IA Crypto News Live – chilling during this crazy market! BTC ETH ADA $COIN BNB $TSLA + more
Crypto Market Update

0:00 Intro
0:10 The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

1:00 Dave the Wave points out that when attempting to return to $60,000 this May BTC struggled
Bitcoin had trouble reclaiming the $58,000 level

2:00 BTC FUD

The guy that pumps Doge slams BTC
Says it is bad, then good?
Contrived piece of text
Not selling?
Watch what they do not what they say
Move to POS players from POW?

Elon Musk FUD
3:00 Musk FUD Addressed

4:00 Elon Market Manipulation?
Green New Deal?
½ bn from Renewable Energy Credits?
Reminder: Tesla makes most of its $ from RECs
Tesla to boost renewable energy credits because other car manufacturers won’t buy them off Tesla anymore
Musk 3D Chess – Timing Too Tight?

5:00 Elon Market Manipulation?
We’ve got to move to a regulatory phase. What he did was highly suspicious.
If BTC was a stock, he would be investigated for fraud; plain and simple.
Musk – Manipulation Much?

5:30 Bitcoin Manipulation is Real – SEC Cracking down

6:00 Binance Under Investigation Binance They are looking at criminal transactions not criminality of Binance
$756 million of shady BTC xactions from 2019 worth $2.8 roughly, 27% wound up on

7:00 IA Trade Alert Coinbase Earnings
$304 less than 48 hours ago
Cathie keeps loading up
Revenue: $1.80B vs $1.81B expected Earnings per share: $3.05, $3.09 expected
Option filled – spec play for summer 2021

8:00 MSTR They do not stop
91,850 BTC
Arbitrage Oppty In plan


MSTR at $488
Intrinsic Value 1.2BN
Hold 4.5BN in BTC
Market Cap 4.7BN
Math does not add up

MSTR Arbitrage

Critical Support level
Ties in to 0.786 Fib Retracement Level
This is a positive sign of a bottom

BTC Bounced off 21 W MA

Says the Fed is “endangering the dollar’s global reserve status”
6 yrs ago “crypto was a solution in search of a problem.”

Stanley D – The Legend

So Early – Raoul Pal
Crypto space is growing at 113% p.a.
Quicker than Internet adoption
4bn users by 2030 or earlier
Metcalfe’s Law doesn’t account for the rapid exuberance and pessimism experienced along the journey. Buckle in

Ethereum Options Volume Grows Exponentially
Deribit has a 50K strike by 2022
More options volume than Bitcoin
50K ETH Options

Per my model: VeChain could be fairly valued at 31 cents if it was an ESW Co
Don’t expect a $1 or $10 price unless it is treated like a meme coin
Possible that VET could go further if it goes into identify mgt, NFT’s, carbon credits and more
We are early
VET Real Crypto Value Not Recognized

Cardano ADA Holders – up 100% in 21 days

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