Crypto News Recap – Why ‘Bitcoin Has Never Been Healthier’ – October 2 – October 9 2020

Crypto News Recap – Why ‘Bitcoin Has Never Been Healthier’ – October 2  – October 9 2020

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Why ‘Bitcoin Has Never Been Healthier’
Not Ethereum 2.0 but 1.5?

This week saw Jack Dorsey’s Square become the second publicly listed company to invest its assets in Bitcoin. Dorsey said the investment is a step towards the company’s desire for a more inclusive future.

In the world of crypto exchanges, the ongoing story of the charges against BitMEX continues to unfold with a significant leadership shakeup. And, the CEO of Coinbase has said that 5% of employees have so far opted to take advantage of the company’s severance package to those who did not wish to be a part of the company in light of its new apolitical mission statement.

And, we have a look at what may be in store for future crypto market structures, as well as some exciting graphs charting the movement in DeFi over the past month, and a new documentary about “Crypto Startup School.”

This week’s top stories:

Square Purchases $50 Million in Bitcoin

Leadership Changes as BitMEX Battles Fallout From Charges

60 Employees Have Taken Coinbase’s Severance Package So Far

Not Ethereum 2.0 But Ethereum 1.5?

DOJ Publishes Cryptocurrency Framework

What the Future May Hold for Crypto Market Structure

The Growth in DeFi in Charts

Live Premiere of New Documentary “Crypto Startup School”

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