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A US congressman says Bitcoin poses a systematic threat. Binance and Nigeria are creating a special economic zone for supporting crypto and blockchain businesses. And A man has been arrested for scamming people of over $310 thousand dollars through fake online crypto mining equipment ADs. All this, and more, in today’s news.

“We didn’t ban it at the beginning because we didn’t realise it was important, and we didn’t ban it now because there’s too much money and power behind it.” Congressman Brad Sherman made this statement in an interview whilst sharing his views on crypto and why he thinks it poses a systematic threat, enables criminals, and undermines the US dollar’s dominance.

Binance and the Nigerian government have held a preliminary meeting to create a special economic zone for supporting crypto and blockchain-related businesses. The managing director of NEPZA added that the area would help develop Nigeria’s digital economy and “widen employment opportunities” for Nigerians.

Russian police in the southern city of Astrakhan have arrested a resident of Kazan for allegedly defrauding ten residents of the city and several foreigners who tried to buy crypto mining equipment from him. According to the police, the Russian posted fake ads online saying he had crypto mining equipment for sale, and he insisted they must make payments before delivering the equipment. The authorities also disclosed that the man was able to collect approximately $319,000.

The final phase before the Ethereum merge, the Bellatrix upgrade, has taken place today and was successful!

Binance stop supporting USDC

DBS, which is Singapore’s biggest bank, backs crypto

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