Bitcoin Crypto CRASH?! More Bad Cryptocurrency and BTC Mining News

Bitcoin Crypto CRASH?! More Bad Cryptocurrency and BTC Mining News
Bitcoin Crypto CRASH?! More Bad Cryptocurrency and BTC Mining News

Bitcoin miners are finally cheap, but is it worth it to mine crypto right now? Mining farms are losing millions of dollars and celebrities are being sued for shilling crypto. Subscribe to VoskCoin for more crazy crypto news!

Crypto bear markets can be very brutal. Having capitalized on the 2017-2018 bull market and endured the 2019-2020 bear market, mining crypto can be a complex game that if played correctly, can make you a lot of passive income. But crypto mining farms are starting to feel the pressure of the bear market, as their mining operations lose profitability and they are forced to sell thousands of BTC reserves. What does this mean for Bitcoin and the mining sphere? Certain states in the US are beginning to bring bills into place that make mining easier! What does the future hold for crypto mining in the USA? Let’s take a look at all this and more, diving into some bad news, but also looking at the glimmer of good news we have as miners!

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00:00 Bearish crypto news…
01:42 Public BTC miners selling off reserves
04:33 Bitmain miners are finally cheap?!
06:30 Elon Musk sued over Doge?!
08:45 Riot Blockchains to increase hashrate
11:15 Crypto Miner danger in Niagara Falls
12:32 Mining crypto in the US
15:38 Will my solar panels make me rich?!
16:38 Iran cuts electricity to Crypto miners
17:43 Best BTC miners to buy right now?

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